Sunday, January 06, 2008

Do Fat Girls Really Need Love Too?

Fat Girls Need Love Too

My cousin nagged me to death over this design. She wanted me to make something for the big girls, despite the fat phobia that I have. It's not that I hate fat girls (not all of the time anyways), but those jelly rolls make my stomach turn.

Losing weight is not really hard, it's just not as easy as sitting your fat ass on the couch. You don't need to starve yourself, just eat smaller portions more frequently. I think the whining about how losing weight is so hard really makes most fat people annoying. Now I want to make it clear, by fat I mean these people with their stomach hanging over their pelvis.

It makes my skin turn to think about all the nastiness that must be fermenting in between those fat rolls. I'm reminded of a George Carlin skit: "How do these people take a shit?"

Now I get people that tell me how mean it is to look down on fat people, but I have earned that right. I used to be big and I made the sacrifice to eat healthier and exercise. It did not take forever to drop the weight, but it's not an over night diet that can fix things. You have to change your lifestyle. I'm tired of paying more health insurance, because most of America is fat.

Fat girls may need love too, but not as badly as they need to drop the fucking weight!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Negative People Will Drag You Down With Them

Just about everyone has that friend who is always complaining about life. They cry about not having enough money, being overweight, or other common life complaints. Everyone complains about these things at some point, but these negative people constantly complain about them.

These people will get overly stressed out about things, and that stress can be infectious. Someone who is constantly down can, and will, drag your mood down. If you really want to be depressed, then you just have to surround yourself with depressed people.

You have to ask yourself if these people are really worth keeping so close. It's an intimidating thing to make new friends as you get older, but you need positive people in your life. Some head doctors say that you should surround yourself with people that have the things that you want. Emotions can rub off on people around you.

Avoid being sucked in to the black hole that negative people create. If you want success and happiness, then surround yourself with successful and happy people.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Daylight Saving Time Needs to End

I know I'm not the only one that is tired of daylight savings time. It's bad enough that the winter time gets cold, but to have it get dark so early makes me depressed. I have long forgotten whether it was created for the farmer, or to conserve energy. Either way, I hate it.

Most normal jobs are 9 to 5, so that only leaves a few hours of daylight to be seen by most normal people. Sure you get your sun time in during the weekends, but it's not enough to keep you happy.

There are places in Canada that have very high suicide rates, because of the lack of sunlight. That eternal dark drives men and women crazy. That's why they even have sun therapy lounges in the far north. There not tanning beds, but lounges of ultraviolet light to give people a taste of fake sun rays.

Let's please stop this daylight savings time, so I can still get some sun time in after work.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hyper Kids

Hyper kids seem to have gotten worse since I was young. I was one of the most excitable kids, but there are kids that are at extremes today. It amazes me how much energy these tiny little people can have. They get so bad that doctors give them these medications. I have a feeling that having to pay bills would cure these kids very fast.

Why do most kids seem so much more hyper today? Is it just because I'm so much older? Is it cartoons/games? or is it all that high fructose corn syrup in their candy?

I'm sure they seem really bad in comparison with my current age. It's been a long time since I've had the near zero responsibility of a kid. Maybe I have forgotten how it feels when everything is new and exciting.

Now I'm also sure that the kids and video games that kids play are also part of it. Many parents let the television baby sit their kids. There are a lot of parents that are a little too lazy to actually raise their kids. They will let the TV distract their kid, so they don't have to make an extra effort. Why take extra time to talk to your kids when you can just let the TV do that for you?

High fructose corn syrup has to share some of the blame. This artificially produced sugar is a big part of the reason why there are so many fat kids today. Fat foods are bad, but that super sugar really packs on the pounds. The artificial crap in foods must be playing havoc with our systems. Food is big business, so you probably won't be hearing about a direct link between problem kids and these additives, anytime soon.

Don't let television raise your kids and try to keep them away from the artificial crap. Make them go outside and give them plenty of choirs. All this might help keep your kid from becoming too hyper.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Console Fanboyism

First off, I'm a Wii fan, but the PC is still the ultimate game platform. Now with that out of the way, a lot of people have been getting ridiculous with their support of their favorite console.

Sony has been having a lot of problems, but their fans have been pumping their graphic/processor power everyday. It IS very powerful and will produce very impressive looking games, but will they be fun to play after the wow factor wears off? Sony fans are grasping at straws now that Wii has dominated. I understand their concern, because so many publishers have scraped PS3 projects to focus on the Wii. Great hardware is no better than a paper weight, without great software/games.

Xbox has further proved what a powerhouse Microsoft is. I love Microsoft, because of the great PC game experiences past and present (Direct X has come a long way), but man did I hate how they scooped Halo away. For those that don't know, Halo was set to come out for the PC, until Microsoft bought the exclusive rights for their X box. It was a great business move for them, but it still pains me to this day. Xbox fanatics are shocked that Wii has outsold them in such a short time (Japan sales are the biggest factor).

Halo 3's launch has released a lot of "well now we will show the Wii who's boss," discussions. Some guy from Cnet even went on some anti-Wii rant in his Halo post (Halo should be able to stand alone in the article without any mention of Wii). Any of my fellow Metroid players will know that Halo would play so much better with the Wii's control system, anyways. Xbox has done great things with Coop (I LOVE COOP ... Contra and Double Dragons nostalgia), but FPS with dual analog cannot compare with a Wiimote and definitely not compare with a mouse.

Now the Wii is the only console that could pull me away from being a strict PC fanboy. I've been spoiled with great graphics, but I need more control diversity. I love BattleField 2, but it's hard to switch from mouse/keyboard to joystick/rudders. The switch IS necessary, because flying a chopper doesn't work well with a mouse. The Wiimote makes me dream of an easy switch between fighting on foot, in a tank, in a jet, and in a helicopter. You could use the Wiimote/nunchuck to easily switch into the best control positions.

The Wii has expanded the game market to far reaches. There is gonna be a lot more money out their for game companies to compete for. Yes there is an overabundance of casual games, but think of them as training wheels for non gamers. When they are ready for the training wheels to come off, then they won't be so intimidated to play "hardcore" games. Just don't complain if someone's grandma pwns you online, one day. No way is the Wii, or it's controls, perfect, but I will continue to show support for positive innovations like the Wii. Motion controls are here to stay.

Don't take any console too seriously and remember that it's all about the games.

P.S. How great it would be to have Sony's horsepower, Microsoft's online infrastructure and Nintendo's controls, all in one super system.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mike Vick Let the Dogs Out

Yeah so Mike Vick is fucked. He's got a strict court, the NFL AND P.E.T.A, after him. It would be entertaining to cover him in liver, then release his attack dogs to see just how fast he REALLY is. He has fallen into the Rich Athlete Street Cred Syndrome (RASCS). Despite having cash for life, he felt the need to show he still has some ghetto in him.

I feel more sorry for most animals, than I do for a lot of people, but the coverage has been ridiculous. People die in outrageous situations every day, but don't receive a percentage of attention that dead dogs have gotten. I hate animal cruelty, but these band wagon jumpers are just as bad. They find causes that people are upset about and then decide that they are now members of that cause.

So you despise dog fighting, well where the hell were you before Mike Vick? Did you JUST decide to get upset about it, because you happened to watch the news? You SHOULD be upset, but this story should not get more coverage than other every day tragedies.

P.S. Most of New Orleans is STILL in ruins you fucking bandwagon jumpers.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gotta Love Sluts

Sluts are generally loved by men, and generally hated by women. They shouldn't be hated, but should be handled with care. Sluts are great for the world, as long as they aren't dirty. They do increase the risk of spreading disease, but can make the world a more peaceful place. Just imagine how many fewer terrorists the world would have if terror cell recruits were getting laid, constantly. It's kinda hard to want to blow yourself up when you are over sexed.

Men don't always want easy women, but it's nice to not have to go through so much bullshit to get laid. How refreshing it can be to not hide the fact that you want sex, and then get some. Non slutty women are obsessed with playing the vague game. They don't want you to tell them exactly how you feel about them, they want you to be a little more vague. You can't always tell them that you want them, you gotta play like you MIGHT want them. Sluts will let you skip all that bullshit and spend more time on sex.

This getting past the bullshit is another reason why women hate sluts. Fewer men will spend time playing their dumb games when there are sluts around. The women can't keep men wrapped around their finger if a man can just go to the local slut for sex. Normal women want to play that challenge game, but they don't want to have to beg for sex. If there were more sluts, then normal women would have to beg men for sex instead of vice versa. This would be a disaster for most women, who's lives are built on men begging them for sexual attention.

I say bravo to all the clean sluts out their (std free). It is you that keep men subdued with sex, so they can't become so violent. You can single handedly crush terrorism throughout the world with your skills. As for dirty sluts, just make sure you only screw are enemies, so they end up with the rashes, and stay away from us.